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HDAC's Living At Risk
Stories about Living "At-Risk"
Stories about Living "At-Risk"

Although "at-risker's" chose to live life as if they will not test positive for the HD gene, it is good to always be in the best of health. We recommend that everyone in the HD community follow a healthy life style. If it's good for the heart then not only will it help to delay onset, but a healthy life-style will reduce the chances of becoming depressed or at should at least reduce the degree of depression.

Living "As If"

My name is T.C. I am a 47, nearly 48, year old woman, mother of three children and grandmother of one whom I am raising. I am also ‘at-risk’ for Huntington’s Disease. My father and older sister both had the disease but I have chosen not to take the predictive test. I focus my energies on the future, because for me, not knowing, means I’ve given myself ‘a future’. I teach and am working toward a Credential in Special Education. I have many stories to tell and am anxious to share my experiences in living as a person at risk.

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