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I'm an active participant in the Austin, TX HD Support Group and each meeting we revisit the latest HD news. Some of us are on top of what's going on and some of us aren't. The good news is that a LOT is going on but that means that its harder to stay current with the latest events.

So to solve this problem for myself I've created this portlet. I hope you find it useful to you too.

  • Example eBulletin This is an example of the eBulletin that I sent out to my Support Group and was subsequently redistributed by others. So far I haven't received any reports of non-receipt. BUT I found that the most reliable method of distribution is to send it as both "Text and HTML" format. That means each email will contain both a text rendition of it and the original HTML rendition. Why this improves distribution to those that can accept HTML is curious to me ... but it works.
  • Generate an eBulletin Body This will generate the core of the eBulletin. Simply copy and paste this into the body of your email message and add whatever other information you need to communicate to your support group either before the news body or after it and you're done. See the early example for what can be done.

    You are free to use this however you think it is most effective for your group, but we ask that you leave the line that says that the news list was generated by I would also like to ask you to add me to your distribution list so that I know that it's being used and I'm aware of how it's being used - that way if I improve it or change it I can keep you in mind. Thanks.

    If you have any suggestions for improvement please send an email to me at