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The HUNT-DIS mailing list is for discussing all aspects of life as it is affected by Huntington's Disease in one or more family members. We welcome discussions of any topic directly related to how Huntington's has, is or will be affecting your life. All family members are invited to join including spouses, parents, and children of a Huntington's individual as well as any person afflicted with or at risk for Huntington's Disease (HD).

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Over the last few years several different chat rooms and message boards have popped up that provide an invaluable resource when we need personalized help from people who have experience with your problems. The following links provides direct access.

Message Boards

HDAC Message Board
This message board is a way for you to build an extended support network of others who have personal experience facing HD issues.
The HDLighthouse Bulletin Board Forum
This bulletin board style forum is visited regularly by the HD community and is hosted by the Huntington's Disease Lighthouse.
MGH HD Message Board
This message board is hosted by Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Non-Yahoo Chat Rooms

HDAC Chatroom
This is our chatroom that we offer as a service to the HD community. There are several rooms. Each room is managed by a particular community represented by either an HD Web site or a HD related Yahoo Group. Start of with the HDAC Lounge and introduce yourself.

Jean's HD Support Chat Room
This chat room has been adopted as a place to meet for quick chats. It is hosted by Jean's HD Support Site at Huntington's Disease Support Information. It's a freebie chat, so you should expect it to pop up a couple of advertisement windows. You can close those windows easily.
I was informed that the MGH HD Chatroom has been discontinued. Many friends were made there. May it R.I.P.

Yahoo Clubs

HD Caregivers
HDCaregivers is designed to be a safe haven for caregivers of those with Huntington's Disease. Members are encouraged to honestly express their feelings and situations with others who have "been there and done that" as well as with those who are anticipating similar situations. The goal is to provide a POSITIVE supportive environment. In order to avoid hurt feelings this is for caregivers only please.

Club chats are scheduled at:
Saturday 9:00PM Eastern (2:00AM Sunday GMT)

HD Families
This group is for anyone to speak honestly and and open heartedly about this devastating disease. ALSO, as ARLO GUTHRIE says about his church, this is a "bring your OWN religion" club. We won't be preaching any specific religion in here, just FAMILY and as a family we come together with MANY different beliefs and religion. We will respect each others beliefs and non beliefs. We hope to learn from each other.

Club chats are scheduled at:
Saturday 8:00PM Eastern (1:00AM Sunday GMT) Click here for chatroom

Huntington's Disease Support Club
The Huntington's Disease Support Club is for everyone connected to Huntington's Disease:- those affected, tested positive, at-risk, tested negative, caregivers, family members, and friends. Everyone is welcome! You are not alone!

Our goal as a club is to offer support through unity, and to work together to raise awareness and funds.
We have a Club Chat on:-
Mondays at 3-5 pm Eastern (8-10 pm UK time)
Wednesdays at 1-3 pm Eastern (6-8 pm UK time)
Fridays at 5-7 pm Eastern (10pm - midnight UK time)
Click here for chat room

Australian HD Support Group
I would like this group to bring together those who suffer directly and indirectly from this terrible disease with Australasia region in mind. It may make it easier for people downunder to exchange ideas, advice, thoughts and support within our time zones. I am australian mother who has been watching my family being ravaged by HD and I am aware of need for support and understanding in such grave times. So do come out, it helps to talk with each other.
Huntington's At Risk
I created this page for anybody, but with people at risk in mind. I am at risk and so is my brother. We lost our dad Jan-07-2000 due to complications of Huntington's Disease.
Caregivers Support for HD
A place to exchange ideas, things that help, things that don't and the problems we face. Caregivers support group to help those who help others.
Juvenile Huntington's Disease Caregivers Club
This list is for all family members of a child with JHD to meet and discuss the special needs involved with raising and caring for a child with Huntington's Disease.
One Big Huntingtons Family
When you feel as though no one understands what you are going through. When you feel completely isolated and need someone to talk to come here and find someone who has been there.
HDSA National Youth Association
At the Huntington's Disease of America's annual convention in Orlando, June 2000, a group of young children and young adults, with HDSA's support and encouragement, established the HD National Youth Association. These young people have made it their mission to make this the LAST generation of Huntington's Disease! This forum is for all members of the NYA or any young adult living with HD in their life. Come on in........together you CAN make a difference!!

Active Chats

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