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Food Recipes for Those of Us with HD

Because a person with Huntington's Disease may have difficulty swallowing, special foods or preparation may be required to provide adequate nutrition. This portal allows us to share recipes, tips and tricks.

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Healthy Cooking with Maggie
    Let's Talk Turkey
    by Maggie
    Turkey is an American tradition which goes back to the days of Columbus. He discovered the bird, native to the United States and Mexico and a food that was part of the culture of the Native Americans, and took it back with him to Europe in the 16th century. It was soon raised domestically and reserved for the banquet tables of royalty.
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    Fad Diets
    by Maggie
    Throughout history, we have tried fad diet of all types. A well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables combined with consistent daily exercise is still the healthiest and most effective way to achieve weight loss with long-term maintenance.
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    Fats in the Diet
    by Maggie
    Most people are confused about the issue of fat in their diet and it is no wonder.
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    Snack Machine
    by Maggie
    I know how to eat for optimum energy and good health. Do I always do it? Of course not. Like most people with an agenda, I also have a secret life.
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    Happy New Year
    by Maggie
    Happy New Year!! Before you think that I am completely bonkers and remind me that New Years is long past, let me tell you that I am celebrating Chinese New Year. 2007 is the year of the Pig and will this year will be on February 18th.
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